F9 Audio F9 TRAX Duo Beach House MULTIFORMAT

F9 Audio F9 TRAX Duo Beach House MULTIFORMAT

F9 Audio F9 TRAX Duo Beach House MULTIFORMAT

The sounds of the summer : Inside your DAW
The worlds’ most powerful sample packs : F9 TRAX return with a beautifully chilled summer helping of beach/poolside house music that references the melodic house sounds of the present, past and future.

Built as DAW templates for Logic Pro X and Ableton Live 9 /10 mainly employing multi-sampled instruments and Midi data these releases give you more control and flexibility than any other sample packs currently available. This is the reason TRAX are loved by our users

  • Learn exactly how these records are made.
  • 90+Tracks each ( Logic & Ableton )
  • 3 Startup pages pre-loaded with sounds
  • No 3rd party plugins required.
  • 3Gb Sound Library for Ableton / Logic
  • Includes acoustic and electric pianos
  • A full set of session notes cover the music, production and mix
  • WAV version includes full project stems

The projects :

1 – F9 TRAX Riptide 124Bpm Dminor.

  • The contemporary sound of beach house. Crisp, tight drums interplay with solid bass parts, rich chord voicings and perfectly on point melodic and atmospheric production flourishes.
  • Look deep inside the project’s 90+ tracks to find side-chaining tricks, winning arrangement ideas, automation plots. See how simple a mix can actually be when the balances and core sounds are built carefully.
  • Tear this project down to build your own summer anthem for Poolside, club or radio.

2 – F9 TRAX Driftwood 122Bpm Dminor.

  • A classic slab of Balearic summer house with one foot in the heady days of Ibiza’s renown sunset cafes and one foot firmly in the present with just a hint of beach funk and a nod to 90’s laid back breaks
  • Look deep inside this project to see the production tricks we employ to slip effortlessly between 4/4 and breakbeat rhythms. See how we employ multiple bass sounds yes still keep a solid low end. See how atmospheric samples and foley intertwine with live percussion recordings to give an organic feel across the production.
  • See all the notes – How we turn a simple chord sequence into a rich melodic stage that’s perfect for the beach, pool, or sundown
  • Dig right into this project and build a sunset classic, or start from the beats-only startup page that has all the midi instruments pre-loaded and ready for inspiration.

Is there a catch? Only one, and its pure common sense and standard across this style of sample pack to protect all users:

All the material in this pack is ‘royalty free’* The supplied DAW demo arrangements remain copyright of F9 Audio. Each user must make a new work by changing the page, midi notes, melodies and adding your own sounds. This is simply to stop multiple users making identical masters.

Please note the product is not licensed for the creation of Library Music.

* Royalty Free Soundware is an industry standard term. It means you will never have to pay a single penny more than the purchase price to F9 Audio for using the content contained in this release no matter how and where your music is released

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