ModeAudio Spill – Dark Cinematic Samples WAV

ModeAudio Spill - Dark Cinematic Samples WAV

ModeAudio Spill – Dark Cinematic Samples WAV

‘Spill – Dark Cinematic Samples’ from ModeAudio will pour dense layers of tension and texture over your music, presenting a monumental 1.22GB selection of royalty-free Ambient samples for you to wash over and submerge your next music production in!

Dive headfirst into this oceanic choice of 188 sound files bristling with elemental texture, tone and cinematic rhythm, to uncover a huge range of shadowy bass drones, thick synth atmospheres, rustling noise layers and drifting, mesmeric SFX.

This rich, enigmatic celebration of cinematic sound is a deep focus on the sparse, menacing and minimal world of contemporary soundtrack composition, with each and every sound included dripping with gripping suspense and subtle momentum.

Alongside the folders of expansive, evolving drones and ambiences sits a set of rhythmic samples, spanning crushing, distorted percussive patterns and intriguing tonal parts, giving your music full access to the classic soundtrack technique of combining melody and rhythm into a single, cohesive whole.

Unleash waves of deeply Cinematic tension within your next soundtrack and prepare for an explosive release – se your music in motion and download ‘Spill – Dark Cinematic Samples’ today!

Pack Contains:

· 39 Atmospheres
· 37 Basses
· 34 Sub Basses
· 27 Rhythms
· 33 SFX
· 18 Textures


Demo Preview: