NI SYMPHONY SERIES – Woodwind Ensemble v1.3 KONTAKT

NI SYMPHONY SERIES – Woodwind Ensemble v1.3 KONTAKT 1

NI SYMPHONY SERIES – Woodwind Ensemble v1.3 KONTAKT

SYMPHONY SERIES – WOODWIND ENSEMBLE is a 36-piece woodwind section and top soloists, recorded within the unique acoustic environment of Montclair Presbyterian Church, Oakland. The portfolio unites classic woodwind instruments with contemporary saxophone, offering vivid dynamic recordings for traditional and modern scoring.


With recorded arpeggios, true legato, and up to 462 total articulations, WOODWIND provides a formidable suite of instruments. ENSEMBLE and SOLO sections are provided as distinct KONTAKT libraries, allowing detailed and realistic mixing of both grouped sections and soloists.


From the choice of soloists and instruments to the recording space, every element of these expressive libraries was carefully selected.


WOODWIND offers powerful features, exclusive to the WOODWIND family of scoring tools.


In addition to the included recorded arpeggios, the Arpeggio Module allows you to instantly generate arpeggiated phrases and sustained note runs, trills, and chords. It’s all playable in real time, and you can restrict arpeggios to scales and patterns.


Whenever you release a key, the Expression Release system creates a natural sounding decay. This works even if the played articulation features recorded dynamic changes, as found in crescendo or swells.

Both SYMPHONY SERIES and SYMPHONY ESSENTIALS versions are built from the same recordings and have the same intuitive interface. The full-featured SERIES version offers exhaustive depth and nuance, while the ESSENTIALS version provides the same quality in a lightweight package.


The full-sized set of professional scoring tools. SYMPHONY SERIES -– WOODWIND offers flexibility, versatility, and a creative workflow. With over 400 individual articulations, four separate mic mixes, on board effects, and ergonomic controls, it’s the precision set of tools needed to cover any scoring task from film to games to studio.

  • 54 GB (compressed)
  • Separate ENSEMBLE and SOLO Libraries
  • 314 ENSEMBLE / 148 SOLO articulations
  • True legato and legato emulation
  • Time stretching for long articulations
  • 4 microphone mixes with Mixer page
  • Effects page with EQ, Reverb, Compression, and Filter

Both SYMPHONY SERIES – WOODWIND and SYMPHONY ESSENTIALS – WOODWIND contain two separate KONTAKT libraries, for playing whole sections at a time or solo instruments individually.


The powerful and emotive sound of a vast 36-piece woodwind ensemble, playable altogether, and as six-player sections: Flutes, oboes, clarinets, bassoons, saxophones, and bass winds (contrabassoons and bass clarinets). 314 individual articulations (54 in ESSENTIALS) and special articulation effects, true and emulated legato, and time-adjustable arpeggios, allow highly detailed performance control, while up to eight round robins and four discrete mic mixes enable comprehensive mixing control.