Psytrance Astronauts WAV MIDI PRESETS

Psytrance Astronauts WAV MIDI PRESETS

Psytrance Astronauts WAV MIDI PRESETS

The sound of the biggest festivals, atomic buildups and crowd shaking drops! After playing in Tomorrowland 2019, our producer (can you guess who?), brought back his experience into this long awaited, new Psytrance collection.

Let’s face it – if you want to be successful in Psytrance scene, these days, you must have a commercial hit. Not into these type of sounds? Huge mistake. Take every top artist today, they have at least one commercial Psytrance hit. That can open alot of doors.

Oh, even if you are commercial artist in the EDM or Future House, a good Psytrance release will also help a bunch, as you know 🙂

That’s why we made this pack, it has all those elements: monstrous buildups and drops, tight drums, extremely fat basslines and kicks, huge melodies, effects and everything needed to help you craft the hit you are missing.

​Every kit has midi files and presets, that’s a huge advantage! You can create your own sounds in no-time. Unique melodies – easy. The rest of the sounds are exactly what the big names use, now at your fingertips.

​Stems, One Shots, MIDI files, Presets – packed in every kit. 278 files, 940MB unzipped, 100% royalty free.
Psytrance Astronauts are ready to take off! Destination unknown…

The pack contains:

– 269 files total
– 948MB unpacked
– 24-bit WAV quality
– 100% royalty free

– 5 construction kits (key and BPM labeled):

KIT01_138BPM_key C
KIT02_140BPM_key C
KIT03_142BPM_key G#
KIT04_138BPM_key E
KIT05_138PM_key E

– 167 loops:
– 23 bass loops
– 3 brass loops
– 5 cymbal loops (crash, ride, etc)
– 35 drum loops (kick, snare, clap, cinematic, etc)
– 18 fx loops
– 3 guitar loops
– 6 perc loops
– 2 piano loops
– 4 string loops
– 68 synth loops

– 59 one-shot samples:
– 4 bass shots
– 4 brass shot
– 3 claps
– 4 crash shots
– 22 fx shots
– 3 guitar shots
– 1 hat shot
– 7 kick shot
– 1 ride shot
– 1 shaker loop
– 1 snap shot
– 6 snare shots
– 1 synth shot
– 1 tom

– 18 MIDI files

– 24 Serum presets
– 1 Sylenth presets


Demo Preview: