Sikky Beats Pandora Experience WAV MIDI

Sikky Beats Pandora Experience WAV MIDI

Sikky Beats Pandora Experience WAV MIDI

Long awaited. Highly requested. Unquestionably forward thinking.


With the world dealing with a global pandemic, studios and music shops closed, I really had to get creative with sound design.

For this collection, SIKKY turned to major artists and producer in the Hip Hop and R&B space like OZ, Boi-1-da, J-Louis, and Mike Dean for inspiration.

As a producer, I know what other producer look for and need when it comes to new sounds. I understand when we hear new sounds we get inspired, excited and push the boundaries. That’s exactly what I did here.

By combining unique and useable sounds with those that are strange and RADIOACTIVE we get something that is completely alien to our ears!

Something I particularly put a lot of time and though into with this kit was the way it was organized. I mean why pull yourself out of them moment by searching for the generic clap, when their is a folder for just those “RECYCLED” Sounds? Sometimes you want unique, but sometimes you want what works, and I’m all for that!

*SD card note included and is a mock-up for a digital product*

PANDORA will be tagged with your purchase ID/payment info to protect against Theft. If you leak this kit I will know.

Acquiring this kit without purchase, or license will forfeit any work created with it. Probably a good idea to not share this with anyone.


Demo Preview: