Splice Daedelus Power Pack MULTIFORMAT

Splice Daedelus Power Pack MULTIFORMAT 1

Splice Daedelus Power Pack MULTIFORMAT

Power Pack is my onomatopoeia. There are whirrs here that sound like the gears you imagine reading the word. Sight unseen you have my Hermes 3000 cursive typewriter with its sticky keys and chimed return. You can practically hear the faded patina of the 606 and studio dust on the 808. I want to give unique sounds which are oddly familiar for your productions. Not to mention the tined toy upright piano and hole-punch music box for your merry melodies.

Take a crack at layering your kick drums with an adding machine’s calculation or replace your trap hats with a keyboard’s clatter. They have served me well and I’m excited to hear what you come up with.


· 2 Hi Hats
· 4 Kicks
· 5 Snares
· 2 Toms
· 22 Music Box One Shots
· 67 Toy Piano One Shots
· 53 Noises
· 2 Ableton Sampler Instruments