TrakTrain Home Alone WAV

Home Alone

TrakTrain Home Alone WAV

Traktrain is proud to present the “Home Alone” Sample pack with 310 high-quality samples recorded by affiliated producers. The pack includes melody loops, drum fills and loops, 808 bass loops, FX samples, and various one-shot samples. This kit’s contents will sound great within the Hip-Hop context, as well as its subgenres and derivatives like Trap, Emo Rap, and others.

The “Home Alone” pack captures all the essential elements of a Rap beat from the ground up. First, there’s a sizeable collection of one-shots: kick, 808, snare, hat, perc sounds – building blocks which you can use in your own loops and fills. In addition, there are whole stories – drum, bass, and melody loops. All the loops have their tempo in the file names; additionally, the key signature is specified for the bass and melody loops. They feature elaborate parts of different electronic instruments. And last but not least, there is an FX folder that contains various ambient noises and industrial sounds that are perfect for building an atmosphere with.


· 30 808 Bass Loops
· 10 Drum Fills
· 60 Drum Loops
· 50 Melody Loops
· 25 808s
· 15 Cymbals
· 20 FX
· 25 Hats
· 25 Kicks
· 25 Percs
· 25 Snares


Demo Preview: